Comparing Domino’s Damage At Different Ranks and Synergy | Marvel Contest of Champions


Domino Damage Comparison

Domino Rank 4 VS Winter Soldier No Synergy Or Boosts 0:01
Domino Rank 5/65 VS Winter Solider No Synergy Or Boosts 3:30
Domino Rank 5/65 VS Winter Solider With Red Hulk and Masacre Synergy Crazy Damage 5:52

Was just curios on Domino’s damage ability at different ranks including her well known Red Hulk and Masacre synergy where you focus on destroying opponents with your heavy incineration attacks. Red Hulk is who you need for the incineration damage but Masacre adds an extra second to debuffs. It is a huge difference from Rank 4 to Rank 5/65 but a crazy difference between a 5/65 with no synergy to one with synergy.

I am not running any glass cannon, double edge or liquid courage mastery settings. I do have Deep wounds at 4 points and Assassin at 5 points for those that are curious in this video.

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