How To Cheese The Psycho-Man Objectives | Low Energy and Duel Guide | Marvel Contest of Champions


Hey Everyone this is a little guide looking over the best options to getting the Psycho-Man objective smashed out.

Master of Moods – Use glory store, resets every 7 hours, wait until Saturday or open tier crystals and tier 2.

King or Jester Jeering – Black Panther or Deadpool X 15 –
. Act 1.4.4 – 2 energy BPCW

Fantastic Fears – Fantastic 4 X15 –
. Duel target – Blast 20222

Inhuman Fears – Inhuman Champs X 20 –
. Act 1.4.1 Quake 1 energy spend

Hate – Heavy Attack – RTTL mission 1

Doubt – Blocks – This can be done with most of the grind above

Fear – SP1 then SP2 and SP3 – use RTTL as means of doing this. Play about with Power gain synergies to get up higher or block proficiency synergies to stay alive.

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