Mastery Point Allocation Recommendation for Questing/Wars (Act 3/4/5. AQ, AW) [MCOC]

Rath Illusion

Edit: I have switched over to the block proficiency after some great comments from you all. I now would recommend putting more into block proficiency and reducing the points in stand your ground. Happy questing!

Welcome Everyone! In this video we will be covering what is the best way to use your mastery points for completing act 4/5, event quests, alliance quests, and alliance wars. There are other ways to spend your points for particular champions and for getting through arenas as fast as possible, which we will not cover in this video.

Once you are at level 60, you will have 59 points roughly. The break down I would recommend is described in the video as well as the order of importance. Briefly:

Utility –

Limber (5 ranks) to reduce stun duration
Parry (3 Ranks) to stun opponents with a well time block and reduce incoming damage
Dexterity (1 Rank) to allow for the ability to dodge supers and other attacks without taking damage.
Total — 9

Offense – Your goal is to get 15 points in so you can then get despair, deep wounds (if you have bleeders) and assassin

Strength (1 Rank)
Greater Strength (1 Rank)
Courage (3 Ranks) to increase attack when below 50%
Pierce (3 Ranks) increased damage through armor — Can reduce to 1 Rank if you want to place them in another mastery instead. Pierce may have some issues at the moment (Personal Preference)
Lesser precision (1 Rank)
Precision (3 ranks, but max out if you have extra points later) – to increase critical attack rating
Lesser Cruelty (1 Rank)
Cruelty (2 ranks, but max out if you have extra points later) – to increase critical damage
That gives you 15 so you can then move on to despair
Despair (3 Ranks) to allow you to reduce opponent’s regeneration with any debuff like bleed or poison.
Deep wounds (1-5 depending on if you have bleed champions) – Increases bleed time and causes health loss if opponent has less health than you
Assassin (5 Ranks) increases your attack when opponent is below 18% and reduces their ability accuracy
Total 32 if you max precision and deep wounds, and take cruelty to rank 4

Defense – You are trying to get willpower if you are having problems with running out of health on any of the act 4/5 maps where you get debuffs. To get willpower you will need 15 points in defense first.

Vitality (1 Rank)
Greater Vitality (1 Rank)
Salve (1 Rank)
Recovery (3 Ranks) – you can skip salve and recovery if you do not have regeneration champions.
Block Proficiency (1 Rank)
Perfect Block (1 Rank)
Stand Your Ground (5 Ranks) — Can reduce these ranks to put into other masteries in defense if you want to. Make sure to not use this as a habit, it should be only for mistakenly getting hit by heavies (Personal Preference)
Put 2 points into either perfect block or greater vitality to get to 15 points
Willpower (3 Ranks)
Total 18

If you are further along and are not finding willpower very useful, then I would recommend switching to mystic dispersion. To get this, remove ranks from defense and cruelty to put into stupefy which is useful in its own right. Then put as many points as you can into mystic dispersion.

Just a note, mystic dispersion is currently locked until September 5th when the new version comes out and then you can rank it up by September 11th according to Kabam.

I hope this video was helpful! Thank you all for the amazing support. Please subscribe and hit hat notification bell to get informed of new videos. Comment down below any questions, tips, or tricks. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Best, Rath

PS: Thanks to Dean D for tips on Pierce and Stand your Ground

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