Mastery Setups July 2021! Tips For New Players! – Marvel Contest of Champions (Mcoc)

hello guys it’s been a very long time since I’ve shown my mastery setups so today we’re going to dive into it plus give some tips for new players based on my experience……

Masteries allow you to customize your gameplay strategy and increase the effectiveness of your team. For example, if you are playing with an offensive team, you can dedicate all mastery points to increase the damage dealt by your Champions, or add some defense masteries to create a hybrid build.
Rank up your skills and add as many points as you like until you master them.

To unlock certain skills, you will need Stony Mastery Cores, Carbonadium Mastery Cores, or class-specific cores. Stony Mastery Cores and Carbonadium Mastery Cores can be acquired in the MASTERY tab of the store at any time. Class-specific cores (skill, mutant, tech, etc.) can be found in the same section. However, only one will be available each day. The time duration will appear above the core and will count down. Once the timer ends, the class type will rotate to a different class. The class core will always reflect the current daily class event quest.