MCOC – A Ghost Guide | How to Play Ghost – Some tips and game play

Lord Shaedow

#MarvelContestOfChampions #LordShaedow #marvel #mcoc

00:00 Ghost Guide
01:19 Introduction
04:11 Ghost Basics
07:42 Synergies
10:29 Combo Playstyle
14:09 Multi Hit Combo
18:08 Special Attacks
21:31 Heavy Attacks
25:07 Awakened Vs. Not Awakened
28:14 With and Without Wasp
32:42 With and Without Hood
35:42 Fighting Champions with Double Attack Mediums
37:26 Gameplay against annoying Opponents
37:43 Ebony Maw
39:42 Korg
40:48 Domino
41:19 Mr. Sinister
43:11 Vision Aarkas
44:22 Closing Remarks

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