MCOC: Act 5.4.6 | How To Beat Ultron Classic| Final Boss |


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In this video I’m gonna show you guys how to kill Ultron of Act 5.4.6 very easily. First understand the nodes he got. Don’t just waste units and items blindly.
Do not parry him when he got Power Gain or Regen timer running. Parry only when Fury/Armor timer is running.
How Loki is an nightmare for Ultron Prime:
Loki’s Sp1 is real quick and can steal opponents active buffs. His Sp3 gives Curse debuff on the opponent which can be refreshed by doing heavy attack. During Curse debuff, any buff triggers on opponent will be automatically transferred to Loki.
Note: Ultron’s Fury Buff is super strong. When Loki steals it, try to hit him quick. Ultron will die under 10 hits with fury buff on Loki.

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