[MCOC] How to fight the Grandmaster with Any Champ! 6.4.6 Final Boss Tips and Tricks!


One thing I did NOT talk about in the video is the nodes going to him from the different paths. Overall each one is a choice of playstyle. Some are more difficult than others. Personally I chose to enable “Evaluation” because that one seemed to me the easiest. You can check out the stream from yesterday if you want to learn more about those, but nothing about the playstyle needed or the tips I went over here changes with the node

This is a re-voiced stream highlight from my 6.4 stream yesterday. Overall the grandmaster is a ton of fun. He’s a complex fight though, but not awfully punishing. Hopefully this tips and tricks video helps you figure out how to fight him yourself!

Tips and Tricks Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t1ibcHJw99cOSVHQaNacSeMTeR8HIu76uJVCbEQCSn8/edit?usp=sharing

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