Mega 5 & 6 Star Crystal Openings – Marvel Contest of Champions

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Long overdue for a crystal opening so this one is going to take a while. I’ve been saving up for a few months and haven’t been able to get around to shooting a video. This time around I’ve got a ton of crystals including premium hero nexus crystals, four star nexus crystals, five star Nexus crystals, legendary Nexus crystals, hand to hand combat crystals, a couple five star cosmic tech dual crystals, a couple five star mutant skill dual crystals, four featured five star hero crystals, a 6 star mutant skill dual crystal, a bunch of grandmaster crystals, cavalier iron tomb crystals, two featured six star crystals, and a five star science Mystic dual crystal. Not going to open most of the four stars so I can save for when I need ISO-8 down the road. But I will be following my traditional warmup by starting with opening up 100+ premium hero crystals moving on to the better crystals from there.

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