Minecraft: Top 3 Early Game Farms for Beginners!!! (NO Redstone)


Top 3 Early Game Farms for YOU Minecraft Beginners. You NOOBS! 💖 Welcome to Minecraft 💥 🤗

These are the BEST Farms you can build to take you to the next level!
On this Minecraft Tutorial Chapman builds 3 very easy beginner farms for the Minecraft beginner!
These farm require no redstone! No Nether Items and can be build very early in your minecraft world! They are perfect Starter farms for the Minecraft Beginner!
All of these beginner starter farms can be expanded and upgraded when you do get the extra resources!

0:00 Intro
0:52 Cobble Stone Generator
2:15 Cobble Stone Extension
3:52 Wood Farm
9:28 Crop Farm
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