Omega Red Review Part 2: ROL Scarlet Witch!!! Marvel Contest of Champions


Welcome to part 2 of my Omega Red Review, if you have not seen part 1 yet, please go watch that, I go into detail about all of his abilities and explain them to the best of my knowledge!!

In this video I take on the ROL Scarlet Witch just to mix things up instead of just beating down on Winter Soldier once again. I did my best to showcase all of his abilities. Let me know if you have any questions about the character down in the comments or if there’s any other video you would like me to make about it!!

Just as a reminder this character was granted to me as part of the Content Creators Program and I WILL NOT be allowed to keep this character, he will be removed from my account in a few days. Kabam has set up this program so that we get to have a little early access as well as give them our feedback on the champion.

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