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Mid-2022 Update- After going through Kabam forums and other YouTube videos, it seems the Ghost method I featured has become fairly popular. For those that don’t know, the use of two champions in a legend run was not widespread before this video was uploaded. The strategy I used involved using Ghost for the heroic difficulty only to effectively “one-shot” each opponent and Corvus for master difficulty (since Ghost cannot one shot master opponents). I believe this method is still the best if you want to do a run without rank 3 6-stars.

2022 Update- Despite this video being over a year old, the methods are still very much relevant to getting the title as the qualifications haven’t changed. To obtain the legend title, you must 100% complete the heroic and master difficulty of the monthly event quest in one sitting. Completing both difficulties under 3 hours will maximize your chance of obtaining the title. This video will introduce the champion that gave me a 2 hour and 46 minute time without using a rank 3 6-star character.

Original- The upload I have been working on for the past month. Easily my biggest project yet (over two months of cumulative research, playing, and editing)! Normally I do not ask for it, but if you found this video helpful in any way, please consider liking or subscribing. Every subscriber and like motivates me to make more videos.

Anyway, you are here because you want to get the “Legend” title. In this video, I will show you the steps I took to secure 2nd place in this month’s event quest, Recursion. This was my first legend run.

I will also be revealing the SECRET LEGEND RUN CHAMPION.

My final time: 2 hours, 46 minutes, 45 seconds
(I actually took less time because I added 45 seconds to my time to check for exploration)

For those wondering, the cutoff for this month’s EQ was 3 hours, 6 minutes, 30 seconds.


0:00 ||| Montage
1:04 ||| Introduction
3:24 ||| Goals of a Legend Run
3:32 ||| Devices
4:16 ||| Masteries + Justification
5:21 ||| Boosts
5:36 ||| Energy Refills
5:44 ||| Total Unit Cost (Energy and/or Masteries)
5:51 ||| Team(s)
6:08 ||| SECRET CHAMPION better than Corvus Glaive?
6:59 ||| The “Entercept” (from Mvinceable)
7:45 ||| Advanced Combos
8:28 ||| Mapping: MAP THEORY and SKIP THEORY
9:59 ||| Game Settings Optimization
10:18 ||| Phone Settings Optimization
10:31 ||| What to Expect: Fights and Mistakes
10:52 ||| Refilling Energy and Energy Refills
11:21 ||| Self Evaluation: Checklist and Self-Test
11:55 ||| Closing Remarks


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Track: Unknown Brain – Superhero (feat. Chris Linton) [NCS Release]
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Track: Lost Sky – Where We Started (feat. Jex) [NCS Release]
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Track: TheFatRat – Rise Up
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Edit: Original Title: THE LAST LEGEND RUN GUIDE YOU WILL EVER NEED in 2020 (ft. Secret Champion) – AE Inc.
This Secret Champion will Improve Your Legends Run Time