Tigra Solos Act 5.2 Collector in 54 Seconds! | Marvel Contest of Champions


Cool video of Tigra 5 Star at 5/65 taking out the Collector in Act 5 in 54 seconds flat. I really wanted to get my hands on Tigra but do not have her. This is from a good friend in the game named SCORP (his profile is in the video). The quality is not the greatest but the content is damn sweet.

I know a lot of people did not seem to like Tigra on the initial release but just goes to show that some champs need to be mastered on how to play them to show their effectiveness. Tigra’s ability to have projectile specials miss her while she is performing a heavy is quite amazing. Takes some practice to get use to the timing of her but she certainly can be one amazing champ, not to mention she has a killer synergy with Elsa Bloodstone another one of my personal favorites in this game.

Showcase: Tigra Solo Collector in Act 5.2
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Tigra solos collector 5.2
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