Top 5 Best Unawakened Champs To Rank Up | 6 Star Rank 3/4 and 5 Stars | Marvel Contest of Champions


In This Video: We go over a community created video that is about the top 5 champs to rank 4 as a 6 Star but also serves a purpose as unawakened champs in general to rank up.

Why unawakened , well when you get your rank 4 opportunity , it will either be a prestige bump or you are focused on investing a champ.

Thanks to those who contributed to the comminuty tab post and its great to put these together 99 comments with 100s of suggestions which will bring us to the Top 5.

Also an amazing point from some players is , do you really need to bring something that does beyond god tier damage numbers up to some sort of celestial tier like Guillotine 2099, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Ghost and many more.

Also Low skill high damage champs might be a good root to go. Like Coruvs, Apoc, Dr Doom and many more

There are also other champs who do great damage but go in a new peak to better performance like
Odin, Overseer , Jabari Panther who do great damage but do a lot more after the rank up

Top 5

0:00 Start and Intro
0:42 Best Champs to Rank Unawakened
1:58 Criticisms to Explain process
5:17 Those That didn’t Make top 5
6:24 Number 5
8:01 Number 4
8:44 Number 3
10:25 Number 2
12:04 Number 1


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