Minecraft: How to make a working Castle Gate (easy)


This tutorial shows you how to make a working Castle Gate In Minecraft 1.16. With the tricks in this tutorial it should be easy to build this castle gate in survival minecraft. 🙂
If you are building a medieval city in Minecraft or a huge base, like MumboJumbo AND Iskall85 AND Grian on the Hermitcraft Minecraft Server. This castle gate is a cool thing to add and a Minecraft Trick you should know. 🙂

A Minecraft Tutorial on how to build a working castle gate in Minecraft. If you want to make a medieval gate or entrance in Minecraft this is the right video!

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The materials to make an easy elevator in Minecraft:
Redstone Dust – 26
Piston – 9
Sticky Piston – 3
Button – 4
Repeater – 9

Redstone Torch – 4
Fences – 12
Gravel – 12

White Concrete – (optional)
Any building Block – (optional)

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