Road to Labyrinth Chapter 4 Final Round Part 1 GUIDE IN DESCRIPTION

Josiah Diaz

Superior Ironman – (fight starts at 3:00-7:40)
95% nullify fails
*bring bw or a heal block champ if you dont want a long fight

Abomination – (fight 8:50-13:30)
169k HP 5k Attack
longer poison effects and enhanced!
*Agent Venom works excellent

Cyclops – (fight 14:30- 22:00)
156k HP 4.6k Attack
spite (gains power when you have buffs)
combo shield and higher crit rate
Scarlett Witch did awesome for some
I liked WW2

Rocket Raccoon – (fight 23:10- 28:40)
106k HP 5.5k Attack
unblockable sp-1 and sp-2
I like Scarlett W, WW2, BW, Thor, but he’s an easy fight with any

Venompool – (fight 29:20- 35:35)
167k HP 4.8K Attack
Spite (powergain when you have buffs) + Stun Immunity + Buff Duration 40% Longer
Any bleed champ will do great but becareful with your buffs
Good examples are: Agent Venom, Hawkeye, Cap WW2

Black Panther Civil War – (fight 38:00 – 55:00)
184k HP 4.6K Attack
Spiked Armor + Stun Immunity
Funky and fast fighter, bring a good blocker and someone who can make him bleed.

Scarlett Witch – (fight 55:45- 1:02:10)
146k HP 4.8k Attack
Spite (gains power with opponent buffs) + Critical Boost + Buff Duration 30%
She’s easier than you would think. Bring a good bleed champ, stun, high critical or powerburn.
example: WW2, Black Widow, Agent Venom, Cap, Hawkeye, Vision

Thanos- (fight 1:03:00 – 1:17:00)
192k HP 4.9K Attack
Immune to negative status effects + Kinetic Reactor (Gains power when striking a blocking target) + Safeguard
Dr Strange, Black Widow, Scarlett Witch, WW2, AV are good picks here. Very easy fight really just bait those sp1 and evade.